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Trak Pro Coilover Kits

Stage I & II are well suited for daily driving, spirited driving and most motorsport events as well as occasional track use. Both provide a major improvement in stability, handling and cornering grip, but with damper valving precisely matched to spring rates (Stage I) a comfortable quality ride for street and highway driving is retained.

Stage II uses the same spring rates as Stage I but has 24 dampening adjustment positions providing ample adjustment range for optimizing grip with different road conditions. Ride quality with Stage II is adjustable, at full soft damping force is less (softer) than stock!!! and since the adjustments are accessible from the top changes to suit conditions and passengers are quick and easy.

Stage III provides a 20% increase in spring rates over Stages I & II but is still a good choice for street use and a better choice than Stages I or II for track use with race tires. 24 dampening adjustment positions provide ample adjustment range for optimizing grip under most any condition and since the adjustments are assessable from the top changes to suit conditions are quick and easy. All Stages feature ride height adjustment from 1” (25.4mm) above stock to 2 (50.8mm) below. All Stages use lightweight billet aluminum for weight savings and CNC machining for precision fit of the main body, threaded adjustment tubes, spring seats and lock nuts as well as the position adjuster locks, Trak Pro Kits are lighter, operate cooler and provide more consistent damping than many popular brands.

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In order to maintain proper damper stroke with low ride height settings, Trak Pro damper position is adjustable in relation to the lower mount point and this adjustment can be made without removing the unit from the car.

Our special top mount design places the upper shaft attachment point below the spring seat, this and special hyper rubber bushings eliminate shaft binding caused by angular change as the lower mount moves through its range of travel, also the top mount compliance is adjustable, with higher spring rates there is less range of  travel so the top mounts can be tightened to reduce compliance and improve response.

Pillow ball type mounts common on race cars and most coilover kits have a short life span and are known to loosen in only a few thousand  miles or less transmitting road and tire noise directly into the chassis.  With our hyper rubber mount bushings, compliance is minimized with out the harsh transmission of road and tire noise, so you can expect many years of smooth and quiet performance from Trak Pro dampers.

Trak Pro’s high quality materials and superb workmanship is comparable to high end brands costing  more than double, so don’t be fooled by low prices, buying direct from Pettit Racing is how you save (no middlemen).

With no pillow balls to loosen up and transmit annoying road noise you can expect many years of smooth quiet performance from these units and Trak Pro dampers are rebuildable, this means they will be the last set to purchase for your RX7.

Trak Pro by Pettit Racing

On June 17 & 18 our Comp Series Coilovers had a final round of testing at Sebring International Raceway. The temps were in the 90′s and we had one car on slicks and the other on street tires. Sebring is well known as one of the toughest tracks on equipment and especially suspension parts, with several different surface types and unpredictable surprise bumps (if you get a little off the line) as it turns out  Sebring was excellent choice and provided a good opportunity to see what a few adjustments will yield . We generally start out with firm settings but Sebring demands softer and after a few quick adjustments we had both cars hooked up to the point that we were driving off line trying to induce some bad behavior but the comps performed flawlessly dead neutral taking everything we gave with ease. All in all the performance with both street and race tires far exceeded our expectations for the series one competition coil-overs. Also a portion of our testing was on the street, even with 15kg front springs and 12 kg rears the the ride quality is very good, more than just acceptable for daily street use. The Sebring test wrapped up over two years of development on the comps and we now feel they are ready for release.

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