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The Guide by Pettit Racing is a summary of information and knowledge from over 30 years of experience improving and racing rotary engines, as well as knowledge gained from customers and colleagues alike who share a passion to learn and improve even the smallest details.   These individuals of every race, creed and color on the planet are true enthusiasts – members of a small but global motor sports and racing industry where knowledge and ideas are openly shared helping each other to learn and solve problems often with simple suggestions or a reminder of overlooked details – their influence has help making this information available.

The Guide although primarily intended to help RX-7 FD3S owners enjoy an optimum balance of performance and longevity (PaL), can also be applied to all rotary engines, piston engines and most mechanical devices where applicable.

The Guide, like any noble effort is a work in progress which might may have typos, errors and omissions, please feel free to offer corrections and input.  We may occasionally forget to thank contributors in a timely manner but please know that all of Pettit Racing team & staff as well as anyone who may use and benefit from the information are thankful and we greatly appreciative of the time and effort of all our contributors to this information.  We will do our best to keep the contributor’s list current.  If your name is missing let us know –

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