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The series 6 RX7 is also calledĀ  third generation or FD3SĀ  (US spec VIN prefix). From 1993 – 1995 only 13,000 were imported to the US,and of these only a few unmolested examples remain.

They are the only sports cars ever built with twin turbo rotary engines and even de-tuned with limited turbo boost they had astounding performance, 13.5 1/4 mile @ 107 mph. 0-60 under 5 sec.with handling and brakes to match. Learn more.

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59 Apache
Mazda REPU
1993 FD Base Sold!
Red FD Sold!
1993 FD Sold!
1994 FD Sold!
1994 Red FD1994 Red FD Sold!
Black 93 FD Sold!
1994 Touring FD Sold!
Tokyo Drift RX7 Sold!
1995 Yellow 20B RX7 Sold!
1994 RX7 Automatic Sold!