BPHF Turbos

Our blueprinted Hi-Flo or BPHF Turbo unit is far superior to the stock unmodified unit. The turbo housing is hand ported and contour radiused creating a bevel on all the unfinished edges left from mass production, this reduces the hot spots* and minimizes the chance for heat cracking, aside from improving longevity this procedure also improves flow path and efficiency of the unit. Next all mating flanges are machined flat and prepped for a ceramic thermal barrier coating to be applied, (this reduces heat radiation resulting in lower under hood temperatures) then the housings are reassembled in a fixture to assure proper alignment.  For the compressor housings we also port and polish the tapered discharge outlet (snail) improving efficiency and spool up**. All this adds up to a much improved turbo unit that has proven it self by providing reliable performance for so many of our customers.  The same basic turbo was used in our road racing RX7 to win the 1998 GT 2 Championship.

Our process actually provides a part that is superior to new. All new turbo castings are with out heat cycles or  “green a casting”, Green parts are less stable and less resistant to warping and cracking due to internal stresses. Heat cycling relieves the stress and provides a more stable part, then with our modifications and coatings they become far superior.

For complete assemblies like the sequential and non-sequential turbo units, the housings are reassembled in an alignment fixture and torqued to factory specs.

The Ceramic Coatings reduce heat radiation resulting in lower under hood temperatures This is the exact same technology that Pettit Racing used to win GT Championships and finish grueling endurance races like the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

All the Twin Turbo RX7 turbo housings we receive have cracks, we have seen attempts to weld up the cracks but all have failed, and the weld material eventually comes loose destroying the exhaust turbine wheel on its way through the turbo.

We have found that once our modifications are done the old existing cracks*** are no longer a problem and we have never seen a crack related failure of our turbo housings. This is because our procedures minimize the hot spot areas, reducing the heat loads that cause the cracks. This alone makes a huge improvement in longevity, but then we apply the Ceramic Coating further reducing heat absorption by the whole manifold.

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